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Oxygen Hose Extension

I've been loooking for information on this item for some time and would really like to find an entry in one of the Air Publications. Essentially this is a standard WW2 RAF oxygen hose (or mask tube assembly) but instead of the black screw connector for the G and H type masks, this has been fitted with a metal bayonet socket 6D/1300. This fits the Mk4 bayonet plug (6D 526) on a standard oxygen hose - therefore allowing the length of the hose to be doubled.

Of interest is the early style binding and lacquer method - while 6D/1300 is a post war socket. Surely it would have been easier to use the metal clips found on late / post war hoses?

So my question is - is this an official 6D stores item - or is it an unofficial modification for a specific use?

Miniature Candle and Holder

This item was found along with many other of my grandfather's belongings - all relating to his military career. But does anyone have any photographs or evidence of this type of candle being used by soldiers during WWI?


The holder / hinged case is a little over 6cm high and 2cm wide.


I think it was made by Price's Candles who discontinued this style in 1910. The case is marked 'Best Quality' and the base 'Patent Applied For'.


Please get in touch if you know more about this item. gerry@flyingclothing.co.uk

Publisher's Drawings

I picked these up at auction about 15 years ago. Lovely hand drawn / painted pictures of aircraft - all side on. Thick board with the reverse either white or black. Aircraft type in pencil on reverse together with a stamp or numbered sticker. Some also have a printed arrow to show which way up is correct. Also most stamped with the publisher's name: Dr. Spohr-Verlag, Dresden N-6, Hospitalstr. 16. Many have the aircraft country of origin hand written as well: 'Deutschland' & 'Italia'. Click on the pics for larger versions.

I did some research and thought they might have been commissioned for the WW2 German 'Kriegsflugzeuge' booklets that were available to civilians and armed forces alike. But I have since acquired all the booklets and, although the aircraft are featured in these publications, the colour drawings are not. Perhaps they were intended for a book that was never published.

The odd one out is a Panther tank - but it is drawn in the same style.

So can anyone help me identify which publication these drawings were featured in?


Springfield Rounds?

That would be a 'NO'! Thank you to Frederic and Dion for identifying these as German 7.92 x 57 Mauser rounds dated 1915.

Four of the headstamps are identical. '15' at the top - an 'S' or a '5' to the right. Another 'S' or a '5' at the bottom and a '4' to the left (I think it's a 4). The remaing headstamp has an upsidedown '15' at the top - a definite '5' to the right. An 'S' or a '5' at the bottom and a 'K' to the left.

The lead base of the bullets are also marked. Four of them with a 'P' for Polte Armaturen und Maschinenfabrik in Magdeburg and one with 'DM' for Deutsche Metal Patronen Fabrik in Karlsruhe.