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air ministry brass plate

November 2021

A few minor amendments to the 22C list. I will (finally) be listing some new items for sale shortly.

August 2021

The site has been down for a few weeks due to someone trying to hijack it. Should be ok now. My email is back up and running as well.

July 2021

Thank you Tracey for supplying another 22C number: 22C/1345. I haven't found any reference to the item yet but it is a very sturdy holdall - similar to the standard 1950's flying kit bag, but larger and made by Irvin. Please let me know if anyone has the correct stores name.

June 2021

So no Flying Legends for another year. Here's hoping that Duxford can still put on their summer airshow 24th/25th July. I have found some more letters / documents relating to my grandfather's time with the RFC. Will post them on his page if I think they are of interest.

February 2021

A new page to accommodate the 27C stores reference numbers that I have compiled. Hope you find it as useful as I do.

January 2021

22C list has been updated. Thank you to everyone who sent me new numbers / details / suggestions. I do appreciate it.

January 2021

Spink & Son in London will be auctioning Humphrey Loch's medals (including his DFC) in April this year. Just to clarify - I have never owned them. Visit their web site for bidding options: https://www.spink.com/live-auctions.aspx?location_id=4

Get in touch if you see something for sale that you're interested in - or if you have any questions. I'll always find the time to answer.  Gerry.